My Quest and Why I Quit My Job

Mom and I in Cape Cod.  One of the last pics I have with her.

Mom and I in Cape Cod.  One of the last pics I have with her.

In September, 2012 I lost my mom to cancer, and it decimated my world.  She was my best friend and was always there for me.  After I lost my father at the age of seven, she sacrificed everything to make my life as great as possible.  She instilled in me her love of travel, adventure, and living life to the fullest, and I only think its right to not waste these gifts. 

Two months after she passed, I quit my job with the intention of traveling the world. 
At this point, I was a 31 year old guy, in good health, living in Kansas.  For those of you that don’t know, as I've sadly had many people ask, Kansas is smack dab in the middle of the US.  It’s a very nice place to live, but by no means exciting or exotic.  So with all of this in mind, along with some savings, it was the perfect time for me to make the leap and travel...but this is only half of the story.

The overriding reason why I am going on such a whirlwind adventure in 2014 comes down to my mom’s final wish.  Before she passed, her final wish was that her son travels the world, and sprinkles her ashes wherever he went on his adventures.  This simple request has been driving me ever since. 

Originally I planned to take a year off, see some sites, and then go back to work.  So I started taking random trips and sprinkling her ash in locations I thought were interesting, or after I did something amazing.  I did this for one year and it was one of the greatest years of my life.  

One evening while talking with a friend, he suggested that I should sprinkle her ash in 100 places; this was the massive "ah ha" moment I needed!  So I decided to devote another year to traveling the world.  My ultimate goal is to take her to 100 locations around the globe as I endeavor to set foot on every continent of this beautiful planet.  Once I reach my goal of 100, I plan to compile a book with the stories and pictures of each location, with a tentative release date of mid-2015. 

I plan to dedicate the book to her, but this blog is something I want to dedicate my friends and family.  While you may not be with me in person, I’m hoping that you can join me in spirit on this journey around the world.